Weekend Reading, 12.16.18

Weekend Reading | The Full Helping

This was one of those weeks in which nothing, big or small, went
according to plan. From travel delays and disastrous commutes to
missed deadlines and forgotten emails, it all felt like a mess.

Funnily enough, I was OK with it. It’s funny only because I
don’t typically handle curveballs well. Anything that reinforces
my lack of control tends to addle me at best, freak me out at

This week, though, the rarest of things happened, which is that
I greeted all of the chaos with a sense of humor. I had my moments,
of course, but for the most part I rolled with the tumult. I fixed
the messes I could and didn’t agonize over the ones I couldn’t.
I took responsibility for the stuff I’d let slip without falling
into my habit of anxious
. I let myself feel frustration, but I
encouraged myself to let the small stuff go. Ways of being that
I’ve been trying to cultivate for a long time just seemed

I’m not really sure what to make of this. It may be my job
right now, which is interesting and often enjoyable, but also puts
me in close proximity to a lot of suffering and loss. This week was
particularly full of poignant exchanges, and I just didn’t have
the energy to fret too much about train delays or forgotten
deadlines. I certainly didn’t have the energy for perfectionism
(I rarely do these days, but I still cling to it sometimes).

Maybe it’s the holiday season, too, which tends to resonate
deeply with me, putting a lot of things into perspective. And
perhaps all the work I’ve done to relax my grip on life is
finally bearing fruit—wouldn’t that be nice 🙂

Whatever the case, I’ve felt a lot less brittle in the last
few days—more resilient, more forgiving of myself and others,
more relaxed. One of the hallmark symptoms of my depression/anxiety
is feeling quickly and easily overwhelmed. That tendency comes and
goes, but I do recognize (and give thanks) whenever I’m able to
find ways around it. And I’m so glad that I had a different kind
of reaction to what might have been a triggering week.

Wishing you the ability to bend, flow, and forgive in the week
ahead. I’m heading into the last week of my clinical rotations,
completely amazed by the fact that the finish line is here, and I
made it in one piece.

Lots to be grateful for—including the recipes in today’s


A perfect easy, weeknight meal: vegan
lemon butter pasta

I’ve never made my own dumplings before, but Lisa is the
perfect teacher. Her
vegan savory Tang Yuan
look so good!

A perfect plant-based side dish for the holidays: baked
acorn squash with (dairy-free) creamed corn

This vegan chickpea
shepherd’s pie
is calling my name! Hearty, carby,
comfort-food goodness (that also happens to be both gluten free and
no oil).

Finally, my holiday dessert wish list is growing by the day
(we’ll see how much baking I can do between the last day of my
hospital rotation and Christmas eve), and
this gorgeous chocolate cake with gingerbread caramel
is at the
top of it right now!


1. An interesting new study examining the
relationship red meat and TMAO
(a metabolite that’s
associated with greater risk of heart disease).

2. I really enjoyed Amanda Hesser’s Cooking for Mr. Latte; I found the
book exactly when I was gathering up courage to date again for the
first time in a long time, and its humor touched me. This past
week, I enjoyed reading Amanda’s candid reflections on
how her cooking style has changed in response to love, family, and
the teamwork of marriage

3. A powerful call to arms on how we
might better treat newborn withdrawal
(in which newborns who
have been exposed to addictive substances in utero have withdrawal
symptoms shortly after birth)—with compassion extended to both
babies and their mothers.

4. In my work—culinary and soon-to-be dietetic—I give a lot
of thought to helping folks be mindful of protein consumption. That
said, protein overconsumption, often from non-whole foods sources,
remains prevalent in America.
This article
offers a good perspective, especially when it
comes to powders and bars.

5. Good news, via
The New York Times
: while many coral reefs are suffering in the
face of climate change, some sturdy ones are doing OK.

In spite of the end-of-semester craziness, I’ve got two
recipes to share this week, each too good (and too easy!) not to
share. So, I’ll be back around soon. For now, a very happy Sunday
to you.


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Weekend Reading, 12.16.18