Published today! Unsavory Truth!

Now published: my new book about how food company sponsorship of
nutrition research affects public health.  For information about
the book—blurbs, reviews, tweets, how to get—click

For my public speaking engagements about the book, click here.

If you are in New York, join the launch party at NYU today, 5:00
p.m., Bobst Library 3rd floor.  RSVP

And here are some early reviews:

Oct 29  Jane Brody. 
Confused by nutrition research?
  New York Times.

Oct 28  Hailey Eber. How the food industry fooled us into
eating junk.  New
York Post, 42-43

Oct 23  Nestle M.  Superfoods are a marketing ploy
The Atlantic 

Oct 22  Àlex Pérez. 
Una verdad desagradable no vende
.  ElPiscolabis (Spain).

Oct 18
Nature Magazine (2018;562:334-335): 
Felicity Lawrence reviews
Deborah Blum’s The Poison Squad and Unsavory Truth as
“Poisoned Platefuls.”

Oct 2  Science
Cyan James, “A nutrition expert aims a critical
eye at the research and marketing practices of food

Source: FS – All – Food and Nutrition Blogs
Published today! Unsavory Truth!