Nutrition Listen: Banana

Bananas have been shown to help promote healthy digestion, stabilize blood sugars, and promote healthy bones.

In today’s episode of Nutrition Listen, we’re talking all about the health benefits and nutrition of bananas. Bananas have been shown to provide cardiovascular benefits from the potassium and fiber, anti-cancer benefits, improve digestion and healing of stomach ulcers by providing the fiber pectin and also help neutralize stomach acid, aid in bone health, vision health, and kidney health.

Did you also know…

Bananas are rich in potassium, but also B vitamins, fiber, and minerals — try them in your next smoothie! #NSsociety #banana 


Click on the link below to listen and learn all about the health benefits and nutrition of bananas and how this fiber-rich fruit can be incorporated into your diet.

What are your favorite ways to use bananas? Was there a nutrition fact you heard today that you heard for the first time, what did you learn? Share below and thanks for listening! What do you want to hear about next?

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Nutrition Listen: Banana