GoClean45 Success Story – Margaret McLauchlan

Margaret McLauchlan learned to manage health challenges to feel healthy and gain energy.

Margaret McLauchlan

Age: 70

Hometown: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I turned 70 on November 7, 2017. I had been trying to think of a focus for my upcoming year and decided the most important thing is health and happiness, so when a little ad popped up promoting the GOCLEAN45 Health & Happiness Challenge, I signed up!

I have an essential tremor. The things that are most challenging for me are preparing food and actually eating food. It is extremely difficult to hold utensils, for example. I have been frustrated and concerned for quite a while. Even though I know about healthy eating, I often have to resort to whatever is possible. I had run out of ideas. Eating out is not an option as I can’t keep food on a utensil to get it to my mouth. Prepared foods bring the difficulty of being able to open the containers. I thought if I got one or two ideas from this course, it would be worth it.

Kate, Gillian and Clean Eating, you have given me such a gift! I have been able to adapt almost everything from the challenge materials. I feel I now have six weeks of “doable” clean meals that are so delicious! Eggs have always been impossible as I cannot crack, stir or scramble them. But I did figure out a way to soft boil an egg, so anytime there is any kind of egg dish in the meal plan, that’s what I do. I bought cut resistant gloves to wear while I cook and I am able to roughly chop veggies to roast. I discovered that mashed squash is sticky and can hold rice and other foods together without falling off a spoon. Salads of any kind are impossible, but I can eat the veggies raw with hummus.

The bonus of the GOCLEAN45 challenge was losing 15 pounds and gaining energy and feeling really healthy! I just don’t have the words to tell you how much I gained from this course. I’m no longer anxious all the time, worrying about what I will be able to eat. I’m not eating junk food because I am so hungry and this is all I can think of to eat with my shaking hands. I am so grateful to you and loved all the encouragement you gave on the private Facebook page! I do hope there will be a follow-up course, maybe in a different season using different seasonal foods.

Source: cleaneatingmag
GoClean45 Success Story – Margaret McLauchlan