Avocado Toast + Citrus Cumin Salt

This Classic Avocado Toast with an easy Citrus Cumin Salt is the perfect anytime recipe. Seriously. You can enjoy avocado toast for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner with a few sides. I love it served alongside a sweet potato soup or a colorful salad. Or maybe even topped with some chickpeas or lentils.

You Can Make This. Avocado toast is one of those recipes that pretty much anyone can make. Which is a great thing for newbie chefs and even teens or college students. And bonus, avocado toast is loaded with nourishing healthy fats, fiber and vitamins E, C, K too. Pro-tip: Use a long slice of some hearty bread like whole wheat. This will help you cram on way more avocado goodness. (I used a rye sourdough today.)

Whip up this easy recipe, and try out my bonus topping: Le Pain-inspired…
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Avocado Toast + Citrus Cumin Salt