Artisan baker creates an amazing lifesize Kim Kardashian cake… complete with £1.2million of diamonds

IF your favourite cake is a Victoria sponge with a delicate sprinkle of icing sugar, you may want to look further for inspiration for your next birthday.

One baker has designed a life-size Kim Kardashian cake, and it certainly didn’t scrimp on the bling (or the bum).

The curvy cake is a life-sized replica of Kim KardashianSplash News

Debbie Wingham, owner of Couture to Cakes, was approached by a customer who wanted to surprise their partner with the edible TV star.

It’s made from Rice Crispies (85 boxes to be precise), 30,000 mini marshmallows, chocolate, and was then covered in 15kg of fondant icing, so that the impressive creation can stand up by itself.

In true Kardashian style, the creation was adorned with jewellery – the cake is wearing £1.2million of bling, including 862 brilliant-cut Cartier diamonds.

The London based baker modelled the outfit on Kim’s Balenciaga ‘bants’ (pants with build in boots) for the ultimate high-end finish.

The creation is wearing a custom-made Cartier necklaceCover Images
Debbie even replicated Kim’s famous bottomSplash News
Kim’s face was 3D printed, then made up with edible paintCover Images
Baker Debbie proudly shows off her creationCover Images

Debbie created eyelashes and fingernails from sugar, and even gave the cake a manicure with edible metallic paint.

Kim’s face was created using a 3D printer, and then the baker managed to give the star a perfect make-up look, by using edible colour dust.

The queen of contouring is renowned for her intricate make-up routine, but even Kim K herself wouldn’t spend ten days on her final look – which is how long the Debbie spent crafting the cake.

Debbie has previously created cakes for Amanda Holden and the cast of Downton Abbey, and you can order a custom-made dessert on her website.

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Artisan baker creates an amazing lifesize Kim Kardashian cake… complete with £1.2million of diamonds